“Machine Instinct” is a challenging side-scrolling survival/score-chasing single-level action game set in a Dark Sci-Fi setting inspired by early 90s era films and video-games.

The Singularity is here and the Sky Grid is being overtaken by the hostile AI agents desperate for control over Sky Plasma Extraction Platform. Black Phoenix Corporation deploys its tactical quadruped active defense system WARDOG  and bipedal offensive unit WEREWOLF in order to protect the platform against the countless waves of enemy robots and make sure the energy extraction never stops...
YOUR GOAL: Hold your position at the “H”-point, destroy anything that approaches you and survive as long as you can while taking advantage of the weaponry/upgrades and resources of the platform. Compete with your friends or against the players on Steam for precious seconds and a better time score! Overcome the chaos, test your will, reflexes and determination!

Gameplay Features:

  • Face 10 vicious enemy robot types
  • Use 360-degree gyro-stabilized dual-shot plasma rifle with built-in overcharge mode and high-frequency grenades against your enemies

  • Get yourself a rechargeable missile launcher and blow enemies up in pieces

  • Get yourself an EMP drone air support

  • Get yourself a jetpack and use it to outmaneuver enemies with the double jump

  • Incinerate the evil bots with flamethrower

  • Earn $$$ and collect Sky Plasma Units to acquire vital upgrades: Missile Launcher, EMP Drone and Jet Pack

  • Make yourself hard to kill by enabling Translocator teleport device and purchase additional Health Points

  • AT LAST: Survive long enough and pick up Mecha Werewolf Transformation mode to unleash melee hell on your enemies!

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Current Development Stage: Gameplay polish, UE4 optimization, bug fixing

Release Date: To Be Announced

Platform: Steam (PC)